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Best uses for live video webcasting.

Features and functionality of a live video webcast are established with one of Applied Media Resourcesí event specialist.  They will help outline the unique requirements and objectives of your webcast.  Once established they pass the baton to our project management team.  The project management team will coordinate and fulfill the specifications of  your event from A-Z. This can include the location of the live webcast, production requirements, customization of the user interface, registration requirements, landing micro-site, connectivity to the broadcast center, tool sets of the webcast, support requirements, audience connectivity requirements, marketing support, and post webcast support.  The following is included with every live video webcast:

          -  Synchronized Power Point Slides
          -  Branded Interface
          -  Custom registration
          -  Question and answer management console
          -  On-Site Engineer
          -  Playable in Windows Media,
          -  Project Management
          -  Email Distribution
          -  Up to 1000 concurrent viewers
          -  Reporting
          -  Archival of the event for 90 days (unlimited viewers)

Did you know?
Did you know?
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Using live video webcasting
     -  Can reduce travel and event costs
        by up to 90%
     -  Increase your speed to market by
        educating or informing your   
        constituents all at one time
     -  Can mitigate organizational
        entropy of information
     -  Provide you with a tangible return
        on investment
     -  Extends the reach and provides  
        shelf life of your video
        conferences to the desktops and   
        laptops of your constituents
     -  Yields higher retention levels than 
         that of desktop sharing tools
     -  Increases productivity of
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Present an audio call with powerpoint to thousands of people with out an incremental cost.
Manage all your live and on-demand media across the enterprise.
Easily create live and on-demand video content.

Enhance your product offering and revenues.

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