How virtualization works
Virtualizing your business systems
Virtualizing your business systems
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A typical server is made up of a CPU, one or more hard drives, a video card, a mouse and keyboard and a network interface card. Once an operating system is installed these physical components can run end users or back room applications that provide organizations with everything from data storage to live video feeds.

Current virtualization software works at the hardware level to partition a physical server so that multiple operating systems can be run simultaneously in protected virtual hardware space. This allows multiple operating systems to operate independently of each other while share the same physical hardware

Hyper-V allows a single server to run a number of operating systems both windows and Linux base. Additionally in a process known as Physical to Virtual conversion existing systems can be converted directly from a physical server to virtual server. In the case of online conversion with little or no down time. Older operating systems like windows 2000 must be converted using an offline process. Such systems are booted up in a special environment where the data and system information is transferred to the virtual environment. In either the offline or online process the original server will still operate as before should the conversion process not complete successfully.
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