How virtualization works

What can virtualization do for my organization?
What can virtualization do for my organization?
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This is the 64 thousand dollar question and an important one to ask if you are looking at server or desktop virtualization. Server virtualization can save organization money and time in a number of ways. For example let’s consider a situation where Joe’s Corp has been running a server application on a Windows 2000 server for the past 8 years. The program was customized to meet the specific needs of Joe’s Corp and still fills that purpose today and is critical to the organizations daily operations. Now this 8 year old server is starting to have some problems and Joe wants to upgrade the system to a new server and newer operating system. Sounds like a really good idea but there are some problems with his idea.

    1) The software will not function properly on Windows 2008 or 2003.
    2) The company that Joe’s Corp purchased the software from went out of business in 2008.

And the biggest problem; Joe’s Corp has lost the source code for the program. So, even if  Joe’s Corp wanted to try using a Windows 2008 or 2003 server, they were out of luck!  Prior to server virtualization Joe’s Corp was pretty much up the preverbal creek without a paddle. When the inevitable hardware failure finally stopped their server in it tracks, it was also going to mean the end of their custom software. Which also could, in this scenario mean the end of Joe’s Corp!

Today however, Joe’s Corp critical piece of software can be saved through the use of server virtualization. In many cases, Joe’s Corp’s server can be transferred directly to a virtual system running on new hardware and a new operating system.

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