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Breathe easy!
Breathe easy!
     -  Concept planning
     -  Story boarding
     -  Set design
     -  Entertainment
     -  Music and Visual
     -  Signage/marketing collateral
     -  Location scouting
     -  Resource fulfillment
     -  Equipment fulfillment
Post production
     -  Editing
     -  Graphic art
     -  Animation
     -  Music
     -  Integration

     -  Staging
     -  Camera/operators
     -  Video switch
     -  Lighting/lighting engineers
     -  Audio visual
     -  Director/producer
     -  Live video webcast
     -  Interactive CD
     -  Interactive micro site
     -  DVD
     -  Tape
     -  Television
     -  Public websites
        (i.e. YouTube, Facebook)
     -  Intranetst
Applied Media Resources' video production services have all of your video production requirements covered.  Our video production teams are mobile and will come to your event with whatever gear is required.  For those customers who require a full studio we will source locally on your behalf with our national partners. Some of our customers have internal and external resources in place to handle certain areas of the production process.  Therefore, we can provide only those production services in which a gap may exist. Don't worry if you are new to project managing a production process.  Applied Media Resources will provide you with a dedicated project manager who is an expert in the video production process.
A dedicated project manager will help or handle the following on your behalf:
     -  Third party sourcing
     -  Work plan
     -  Process plan
     -  Deliverables management
     -  Coordination with involved 
     -  On-site support and
     -  Review and approval processes
     -  Travel coordination
     -  Shipping coordination
     -  Venue negotiation and selection
     -  Communications and
        collaboration point
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Present an audio call with powerpoint to thousands of people with out an incremental cost.
Manage all your live and on-demand media across the enterprise.

Enhance your product offering and revenues.

Small business systems virtualization
Free video production with each live video webcast