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Craig Schmieder, CEO
Craig Schmieder is CEO of Applied Media Resources, Inc. Mr. Schmieder began his career at Precept Business Products, Inc, where he quickly became the company’s top producer and Key Accounts Manager. His experience in designing intelligent forms, technical software, and database management systems have allowed him to develop systems for many major US companies as well as state and local governments. With the emergence of the Internet as a vehicle to perform business data communications, he has designed and developed e-commerce, business to business applications, and a proprietary scripting language. The culmination of these Internet technologies has evolved into Formdex™, with its features and architecture.

Kevin Schmieder, CTO

Kevin Schmieder joined AMRI in 1998 to lead the technical support activities of the firm. He is responsible for network technology, communications, operating systems, and Internet security. Mr. Schmieder is a skilled systems analyst, as well as, a proven manager with experiences in business and financial systems - EDI, credit cards and other payment systems. From 1995 until joining AMRI he was director of finance and technical administration of AVCARD - a spin off of Cendant Corporation, a $12 billion NYSE company. Since joining AMRI, Mr. Schmieder has designed and supported the infrastructure for the firm's Internet activities. This includes hardware, operating systems, security, and connectivity. He has directed the installation of client facilities to support both Intranets and VPN's. Mr. Schmieder is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet as well as a CCM.

Mark Sinkovec, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Mark Sinkovec is Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Sinkovec is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the Sales, Channels, and Marketing business units of Applied Media Resources. Mr. Sinkovec offers over 10 years of success in sales and sales management. Mr. Sinkovec was a national sales manager with FirstPlus Financial which brought him to Texas from Colorado. Mr. Sinkovec has had subsequent managerial positions with technology companies such as CompUSA, Clipscom.com, an enterprise webcasting technology company, and most recently Yahoo! Enterprise Services. He has extensive experience in developing customer solutions and implementing sales and marketing plans across a large number of industries.

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