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Unlimited Categories
Set up as many categories as you may need. Give them a description and a sorting order.

Three access levels
The EWC supports three access levels - administrators , publishers and general users. The administrator has complete access over the app, while the publisher has restricted video submission features to his / her assigned categories only and the general user can access the front end and submit public videos if allowed.

Internal or external upload capabilities
Users can register by themselves and submit their own videos which can be set to require approval or go live immediately (automatic approval)

Public Upload Notifications
The system can send e-mail notifications to the publishers and administrators every time that a new video has been submitted so that it can be approved.

Full Front-End Customization
Customize a single CSS file to completely modify the application's public front end.

SEO Friendly Pages
Each public front end page has been specially designed to take advantage of each video description, title and keywords and serve completely search engine optimized pages.

Re-encode your videos to FLV (Flash)
YOU have seen it in YouTube : You upload a video and it is re-encoded into FLV (FLash). Absolute Video Channel provides built in support for FFMPEG.

Content Syndication through Widgets
Donít want to mess with RSS Feeds? Use a Widget instead! You can easily configure widgets for listing your videos in any website. You can define their look and even CSS styles.

Add Video Thumbnails
You can upload thumbnails for each of your videos , have the application resize them or even have the software generate them automatically for you through FFMPEG.

Video download option
You can optionally let your users download your videos by checking this option in the options screen.
Can you handle video?
Can you handle video?
Is your current network configuration maximized for video traffic?  If you are not sure or do not have the in-house expertise to video enable your network, Applied Media Resources, Inc. can help. Not only do we have staffed experts/consultants but we have partnerships with many of today's top ranked technical companies.

We appreciate that every organization is different and has different needs. So whether it is performing a technical analysis on your network, configuring your network to be multicast enabled, or integrating caching servers across the enterprise, we will fulfill the necessary resources to fulfill your objectives.
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Present an audio call with powerpoint to thousands of people with out an incremental cost.
Easily create live and on-demand video content.

Enhance your product offering and revenues.

Small business systems virtualization
Internal or exteranl video portals