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General Motors (GM)
Every division that is part of GM uses Applied Media Resources' Enterprise Webcast Center on a daily basis to manage thousands of television and radio advertising spots.  These spots are indexed, categorized and uploaded to the EWC by various advertising agencies.  The ads are viewed and approved by various brand managers, sent to local area marketing groups for review, insertion of localized promotions, and ultimately sent to the dealerships for review and media coverage approval. In addition GM conducts live video dealer communication webcasts, training, and executive briefings on a regular basis.

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) a Xerox Company
ACS uses the EWC as a way for employees to show other employees that they are more than just an account or consultant.  Employees around the world can upload videos of themselves performing a talent such as playing a musical instrument, or singing, performing, drawing, and much much more.  All video go through an approval process that includes marketing, corporate compliance, and human resources prior to being published.  The effect has removed the silos around employees, teams, and departments and increased visibility for the employee to their peers and management.

For Abbott retention of information is a high priority for corporate communications.  Therefore, Abbott use live video webcasting to communicate information on a weekly basis throughout various divisions.  The content is then categorized, indexed and archived in the EWC for on-demand employee consumption. 

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