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Live Video Webcast Applications

There are many great applications for live video webcasting.  It is used throughout many different business units ranging from corporate communications, investor/public relations, and human resources to product development, sale, and marketing.  Live video webcasting has a wide range of usage within any organization.
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When is live video webcasting right?
When is live video webcasting right?
Corporate Communications
     -  Executive employee communications
     -  Town halls
     -  Quarterly all hands meetings
     -  Annual employee meeting
     -  Critical employee updates 
Human Resources
Benefits overview
     -  Annual open enrollment
     -  Compliance training
     -  Health and wellness
     -  Corporate policy updates
Investor Relations
Analyst briefing
     -  Shareholder conference
     -  Road shows
     -  Earnings overview
     -  Public awareness
Product Development
     -  Product training
     -  Revisions and updates
     -  Road map awareness
     -  Partner training
     -  Thought leadership
Sales training
     -  Annual conferences
     -  Lead generation
     -  Executive communications
     -  Best practices
Product launches
     -  Virtual tradeshows
     -  Internal branding
     -  External branding
     -  Lead generation
If you answer yes to any of the following questions then live video webcasting maybe a fit for your next event.
-  Do I need to reach 200 people or more?
-  Is my audience in multiple locations?
-  Do I need to reduce the cost of reaching
   the most people without compromising the
   richness and impact of the presentation?
-  Do I need to provide a richer experience   
   then that of a conference call with
   desktop sharing?
-  Is retention of the content important?
-  Does seeing the presenter add
   personalization to the presentation?
-  Do I need to differentiate my 
   communications from my competitors?
-  Is archiving the live content important
-  Do I want minimal interruptions in
   employee productivity?
- Is having a consistent message down the
  chain important?

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