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Benefits of Live audio webcasting
Benefits of Live audio webcasting

          -  1 big meeting instead of multiple
             repetitive smaller ones
                -  Save the presenter (s) time
                -  Save resources by not tying
                   them up to support multiple
                   smaller audio calls
          -  Global anytime access
          -  Tangible return on investment
          -  Reporting and tracking of user
          -  Lower cost per seat
          -  Real-time
          -  Increases productivity 
          -  Archival of the presentation with-
             in minutes of the live
If you need to communicate information via conference call and supporting PowerPoint to more than 200 disparately located people then live audio webcasting is a cost effective solution.  Live audio webcasting has a flat cost that covers up to 5,000 concurrent viewers.  Your audience members will realize a very similar experience to that of desktop sharing tools.  Therefore, live audio webcasting can be applicable for any audio presentation you are doing today.
-  Corporate communications
-  Marketing
-  Sales
-  Human Resources
-  Legal
-  Product development
-  Executive office
-  Director and Managers
-  Consulting
-  Information technology
-  Research
-  Accounting

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