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Features of AMRINC live video webcasting product

Did you know that people remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they both hear and see?  Using live video webcasting is no longer a nice to have but a key component to your communications strategy.   As communication budgets tighten, our customers are utilizing Applied Media Resources video webcast services to communicate both critical and non-critical information to their constituents. Many times video webcasts provide an economical alternative to traditional means of communications without diluting the message. Many of our customers utilize video webcasts for their executive messages, leadership messages, conferences, seminars, training and much more. In addition, many of our customers are extending the reach of their video conferencing units to the desktops and laptops of their constituents by utilizing our live video webcasting product.  Applied Media Resourcesí customers see tremendous impact value as well as a good return on their investment. Unlike traditional communications video webcasting is not bound by geography, time, productivity interruptions, and much more.

Live video webcasting is a video that is streamed to audience members anywhere in the world in real-time.  A synchronized PowerPoint accompanies the video.  When the speaker changes the slide, it changes for the live video webcast audience as well.  Participants can also engage the speaker through our question and answer module.  A live video webcast creates the next best thing short of physically being at the event itself.  Audience members simply join the webcast at its designated start time and view the presentation as it is happening. At anytime during the presentation audience members can submit their question to the presenter. The presenter can answer audience questions when appropriate.
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