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Dynacaster provides an extensive array of features beyond the norm needed to produce a professional webcast.  With  Dynacaster, presenters have the option to create a simple webcast from their laptop all the way to enabling a production team to create a high value high impact video webcast.  The features of Dynacaster enable you to realize your vision no matter how simple or complex it may be.
Did you know?
Did you know?
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     -  Extends the reach of major
        production events
     -  Differentiates your live video
     -  Can reach a global audience
     -  Provides the flexibility to create a 
        real experience
     -  Utilizes all of your participants
        screen property with dynamic
        supporting content
     -  Is not limited to just static images
        (video, flash, animations, etc.)
     -  Captivates and immerses your
        audience in the live video webcast
     -  Controls interactivity for larger
        audience size
  -  Dynamic assets
  -  Flexible template
  -  Customizable layout
  -  Easy to use administration tool
  -  Produce simple or intricate live video webcasts
  -  Synchronized assets
  -  Timed assets
  -  Customizable branding
  -  Registration (Full service)
  -  Survey Tool
  -  Built-in-encoding
  -  Multi bit rate options
  -  Produce live audio webcasts
-  Questions and Answers
-  Chat
-  Email
-  S-video, composite, and firewire (including
   Video conferencing feeds)
-  Take any type of digital asset
-  Minimal system requirements
-  Customer support
-  Easy archival of content
-  Pre-Event Testing
-  On-Site Engineer
-  Playable in Windows Media
-  Project Management

Self service live webcasting

Present an audio call with powerpoint to thousands of people with out an incremental cost.
Manage all your live and on-demand media across the enterprise.
Easily create live and on-demand video content.

Enhance your product offering and revenues.

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