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Dynacaster enables your live web audience to realize the full vision of your event. It provides you with a dynamic and flexible live webcasting tool to fluently translate the experience and impact of an event directly to the desktops or laptops of viewers.  Keep in mind that Dynacaster can still deliver a typical live video webcast that you generally see today, which means a standard non-configurable video window,  synchronized slides, a company banner, question and answer module, and polling.  But, to really engage your audience and create an experience that they will retain, you need to have a flexible and dynamic tool like Dynacaster that will help you realize your true vision without creative limitations.

Teams spend hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars planning, designing, implementing, and executing corporate events.  This includes but is not limited to designing signage, collateral, documentation, staging,  lighting, audio visual, video production, travel arrangements and much more.  Although the process may be tedious, your goal is a high impact and memorable experience for participants.  Your efforts should provide participants with a fully immersed experience that yields higher retention of the information.

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Present an audio call with powerpoint to thousands of people with out an incremental cost.
Manage all your live and on-demand media across the enterprise.
Easily create live and on-demand video content.

Enhance your product offering and revenues.

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